Failed to deploy SharePoint app to Office 365

During a development of my auto-hosted app, deploying to SharePoint Online started to fail in very undeterministic way.

1. When deploying through Visual Studio yout might receive:

  • Cannot register Services/*.svc on Windows Azure Service Bus: Unable to connect to the remote server
  • One or more services were unregistered from the Windows Azure Service Bus.

2. When deploying to AppCatalog

  • upload of app package to appCatalog site would fail. Usually at repeated attempt it would succeed.
  • If deployed succesfully, remote event receivers or workflow would not be triggered (application web wasn’t probably deployed, but there was no error message)


In my web project I used additional libraries (such as Exchange EWS libraries) which weren’t included in the package. These libraries weren’t in Visual Studio set to Copy Local = true.


Make sure to set all yours references to be included in the package. sp_app_externalLibs

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