About me

My name is Michal Foltýn and I am a SharePoint architect at company LeGranc Group based in Prague, Czech Republic.

I have been involved with SharePoint since 2004, when I started my journey with WSS 2.0 and MCMS 2002. I was heavily involved in migration from MCMS and each version of SharePoint for intranet and public facing internet sites over the years and it’s been great experience. Throughout the years, I have been involved in designing architecture, configuring, mantaining SharePoint farms and developing applications for both on premise and Office 365 deployments. Currently, I am more and more inclining to team leading, training junior developers and consulting as well.

In the evenings or weekends you can meet me (among other places) on mountain bike or in golf courses (which I find similarly irittating as SharePoint sometimes).

By writing this blog I am trying to give back something to amazing SharePoint community, which have helped me throughout the years so much.

You can contact me at michal_foltyn(at)hotmail.com